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DICOMProxy (Ver. 10.x)

DICOMProxy (DP) is a rules-driven application that acts as a DICOM Storage SCP, receiving images through a DICOM communication. DP can also scan a folder and send all DICOM images contained in the folder.

DP allows two types of rules to be user-defined.
Routing rules: based upon these rules, DP will send a DICOM image to one or more servers.
Replacement rules: Based on these rules DP, will modify or replace one or more DICOM Tags with new values.

When combined with the routing rules, the replacement rules make DP an extremely powerful and versatile DICOM router: DP can modify, route, or
modify and route the DICOM examination after replacing one or more DICOM fields following any specific pre-defined set of criteria. Moreover, DP performs the rules interpretation, tag modification, and routing, on the fly, immediately sending the modified DICOM image as a DICOM Storage SCU after the rules interpretation and/or tag replacement.

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