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DICOMfaxadder: utilities for implementing barcode workflow

DICOMfaxadder: consists of 2 separate applications that work in tandem with each other: DICOMQUERY (or DQ), and AUTOSEND (or AS). The software work cycle is initiated by the arrival of an imaging examination to a DICOM server. The DICOM server is monitored by DQ. When a new examination is detected on the server, DQ stores the DICOM header information from the examination in a database for later retrieval by AS.

DQ also generates a specially encoded fax cover sheet which is automatically delivered within minutes to the fax machine at the site from which the examination originated, via fax delivery. The bar-coded cover sheet also indicates the patient and examination and body part that it is associated with, and the telephone number to fax both the cover sheet and paperwork to. The site operator matches the cover sheet with the proper patient paperwork, and faxes it back to our fax server where it is processed by AS. Processing by AS consists of decoding of the barcode, and transformation from TIFF (fax) format into DICOM format. Following barcode decoding, the corresponding DICOM header information for that patient is retrieved from the database.

All paperwork associated with the coded fax cover sheet is then transformed into DICOM format, and sent to the DICOM server with DICOM SCU storage service as series 0, where it is treated as simply another series belonging to the patientís examination. More specifically, within 5-10 minutes this faxed information becomes the first series in the appropriate patientís imaging examination. When the teleradiologist opens the case for interpretation in his/her image viewer, the first images seen are the clinical paperwork, followed by the actual imaging examination.

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DICOMQuery: Retrieves new studies from your DICOM Server or PACS into a database. It also can automatically notify numerous individuals via email or SMS or fax when a STAT case arrives at your server.

AutoSendImage: Receives the patient paperwork from a FAX machine, decodes cover sheet, gets appropriate examination data from the database, converts the paperwork into DICOM, and sends them to your PACS. Allows the options to utilize image filename instead of barcode decoding. Works with TIFF, JPEG, PNG and other image formats.

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