Med Imaging Tools


Medimaging Tools

LLC offers web and windows-based software applications that provide a host of options and additions not available for most current DICOM server and gateway software.

Our software applications were developed to enhance the practice of teleradiology, but may be useful in any medical practice that utilizes the DICOM standard for imaging examinations.

Some of our representative software applications and their uses include:

DICOM Faxadder: allows the incorporation of non-digital paper-based information directly into the DICOM examination via a regular fax machine, enhancing radiologist workflow, imaging interpretation, and its speed, maximizing the radiologistís time, and reducing PACS administrator interventions.

DICOM Proxy: an application that allows the full use and management of the information fields in DICOM headers, on the fly, so that these fields can be employed for routing examinations to various servers or workstations.

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